Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweeten Up Your Writing!

Does anyone else stress about making sure that their class are ready for the following year? Have I taught them enough? Should I have done more? Did I do enough of this? Did I not do enough of that?

I do.

But I am a stress head.

I wanted to help my class next year with persuasive writing and did up a few activities that focus on comparative language.
It includes:
* Adjectives, Comparatives, Superlatives and Modality Posters – pages 3-6
* Sweet Comparative Words {A sorting and recording activity} – pages 7-12
* Comparative Dominoes – pages 13-16
* Superlative Dominoes – pages 17-20
* Make it better/ Make it best {Describing and Writing Activities} – pages 21-25
* Sweet Superlatives board game – pages 26-29 (Includes answer key)
* Modality Mat – pages 30-32

Here's a sneak peek:
It's 20% off for the next few days. Click on either of the pics above to check it.

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